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ART: 19-Year-Old Sleep Paralysis Victim Recreates His Visions in Stunning Surreal Photographs

Conceptual photographer Nicolas Bruno has suffered from sleep paralysis since he was 15.

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The Intruder


I Laugh Out Loud While I Drink My Coffee and Jack Off

Love is not a phrase
It’s not a longing or belonging to another person’s eyes
It’s not a warmth or a tingling nor eureka nor inkling
Not once does it lie awake or embrace through the night
Or is serendipitous, fateful, predestined nor infinite

It’s not a read mind or a heart on the sleeves of any
Missing or donated bleeding or understated
It’s ununique and not born but is raised
To be opaque and obtuse
Unforgiving yet forgave
It’s a resentment in your basement you tailor
That behaves

It’s heavy, not serious
Not a whisper or a shriek
It’s your bed
Not your sleep
It’s the dependability you keep
On that you stagger when in deep
And feel the drop in heat
When they leave in rage
You feel weak

And you hate them because they know you
And you can’t live without
It’s yes when you want no
Once the sluice has been opened
When batteries run out
There’s no time

There’s no love at first sight
It’s just air blowing around
It’s not because you wrote the song nor spake the words or aged
Not that you waited longest as sure you’d never change
The job is the reward
It’s not floating out there or waiting for you
You make it
And you move it and singe it and prune it
Or it will outgrow you

There will be dinners and cleaning and very cold nights
And things you don’t yet understand
And there will be anger in your heart at times
Sharing space with a madness that makes you feel dark
When you’re alone, but you’re not technically alone

They are there when you actually need them
Giving you ibuprofens and hoping you’ll remember

It can be silverishly silent, but good, long, decent fiddling
Broken only by the question, “Which animal would you be?”
And zero other difficult decisions for the rest of the night

Love’s not a hug from behind, it’s a necessary rapture
Leaving sweatpants
One you can’t avoid just as the fat in your veins will take your life
Just as your body eventually becomes
The roots of a big dumb bush

Love is not indemnity
But it is good
You learn it’s good, and at first it’s bad
But at last it’s good, trust it’s good
Because at the start you’re important, but then you’re just not
And that is a benevolence that you earn

It’s not a kiss, not a dream
But a surrender to the gravity
To a power higher than your selves
Than your ego
Than your moon
Than your evening and afternoon
It is you that you believe this
That it’s true, love is you



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katy perry is actually good

katy perry is actually good



'Oi Frango'
Super Furry Animals
Love Kraft

#jukebox #super furry animals #oi frango #love kraft

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